Sign up for sewing lessons and become your own Geek Hero!

A single lesson can accommodate 1-3 people. For 4 or more, please select a group option. Lesson series come in blocks of 10 lessons and can be spaced weekly, monthly, or whatever best works with your schedule. If you’d like to set up a series of group lessons, please contact me to discuss details. Click the link above to get started!

Sewing 101

A 2-hour lesson to develop your general skill set. Whether you’ve never threaded a needle in your life or you know just enough stitches to be dangerous, this lesson will help you level up your tailoring technique. $40+

Crash Course

Are you a solid sewer, but that one skill simply eludes you? Are your dresses a knock-out, but your pants have a long way to go? Can you stitch with the best of them, but sewing machines make your head spin? Can you turn out a perfect circle skirt, but patterns leave you befuddled? Get a 1-hour crash course in the skill of your choice and leap over your sewing roadblocks with confidence. A Crash Course series can be set up to focus on a different skill each lesson or to split up one or two skills across ten lessons. This is your party, so you decide! $25+

Field Trip!

Fabric stores can be an overwhelming nightmare of option paralysis and commercial saturation, even for veteran seamsters. Planning a shopping trip and need a tour guide or a little extra hand-holding? I’m here for you! $20+

Personal Shopper

Having trouble finding what you need for a project? At a loss in looking for a specialty item? Maybe you’re just too busy and important to scour the interwebs and supply stores. Let me do the legwork for you to provide pricing options, links to buy, or a carefully assembled package of everything on your list. $5+

Project Management

So there’s something you want to make, but it’s just slightly beyond your skill level. You don’t want to commission it out, but you know you can’t do it on your own. This is where I become your new best friend. I’ll walk you through every step of the project, from planning it out to finishing your seams, offering instruction and help wherever you need it. Save yourself a ton of time and stress by having a pro to lend a hand. $100+