The Leia Hair Saga, Episode I: The Odango Menace

When it comes to Princess Leia cosplay, the very first question, no matter which costume you choose, is: How do I do the hair?

Short answer? With help.

The amount of hair required to recreate any of Her Worshipfulness’s mind-blowing up-dos is not an amount one could reasonably expect to find on a human being. Sure, there are some people in the real world with floor-length hair, but most of us keep it above the waist. I generally like to keep mine above the ears, which makes wearing wigs a hell of a lot easier.

hair clipAt the time I undertook Leia cosplay #1 (2015 comic Leia), my hair was long enough that I just needed a little something extra to get the right shape. The first step being, of course, to figure out exactly what that shape was.

I mean, seriously. What is that? It’s not a bun. It’s not braided. There’s a weird little third one in the back that’s just kind of sitting around. What the hell, Dodsons? What were you going for with this?

(It is, in fact, a spiral twist similar to the classic buns, but I didn’t figure that out until much later.)

Except not teal.

I scoured the interwebs for something that looked like it might possibly work, and I came across this little thing, called an “odango bun”:

Odango, apparently, is a type of dumpling, and actually refers to a traditional double-bun hairstyle, not how the bun is formed. Either way, it seemed about right, and it was cheap, so I ordered two and proceeded to experiment.

After another refrain of trial and error, I managed to get a look that was close enough to read, if not 100% accurate.



Odango bun
Test #1
Final Result









Stay tuned for “Episode II: Attack of the Clip”, in which everything goes wrong, and no one knows what they’re doing.




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